English, M.A.

The total number of semester hours required for the Master of Arts degree (thesis track) is thirty, which includes six hours to be credited for the thesis; the total number of hours required for the non-thesis track is thirty-three. An oral examination, which is a defense of the thesis, is required for thesis track students; an oral examination concentrating on course work is required for non-thesis track students. A minor, consisting of six hours of graduate credit, may be taken within the department or in another closely related field. Candidates for the M.A. degree are required to demonstrate intermediate proficiency in a foreign language. To determine the means of satisfying the foreign language requirement, students should consult the statement appearing under “Specific Degree Requirements” in this catalog. The preferred foreign languages for programs in the Department of English are French and German, but students may select any modern foreign language or classical language provided that it is necessary for the thesis and is approved by the Graduate Program Director.