Cancellations, Dropping Courses, and Withdrawals


Cancellation occurs when a student decides not to attend classes for a term prior to the first class day for that term.  Cancelling classes is not allowed on the first day of class and thereafter.  To cancel classes, the student must drop the classes in BearWeb prior to the first day of class, or notify the Law School Registrar of their desire to cancel classes prior to the first day of class.  Students with questions about cancellation of classes should consult with the Law School Registrar.

Academic Effects - Cancelled classes do not appear on the official academic transcript.

Financial Effects - Cancellation and related refund requests must be made by the student and can be emailed to One Stop Student Financial Services. Cancellation requests must be received prior to the first class day for the term. For cancellations, all tuition, fees, and meal plans will be refunded at 100 percent. If a student never attends class and a cancellation request is received after the start of class and approved, the student will be charged a fee for late cancellation if non-attendance has been verified.

Dropping Courses

First Year Juris Doctor Courses

The scheduled first-year course of study, as provided at the time of enrollment, is not subject to variation except by express permission of the Associate Dean, which will be granted only in extraordinary circumstances.

Second and Third Year Juris Doctor Courses

A student not on academic probation may drop any course, as long as it is not a limited enrollment course, during the first nine weeks of the quarter. Limited enrollment courses may not be dropped after the Friday immediately preceding the first day of class for the quarter. When dropping a class before and during the first week of the term, the course will not show on the student's transcript.  After the 13th day of class, a "DP" will be noted on the student's transcript unless the student is failing at the time the course is dropped, in which case "DF" will be noted (dropped failing; counts in G.P.A.). No student will be allowed to drop any course after the last class day of the ninth week of any quarter for courses that meet during the entire term, or the last business day before the first meeting of the class for boot camp classes and other classes that meet for shorter periods of time during the quarter, without:

  1. unusual circumstances,
  2. certification of the instructor that the student is not failing the course, and
  3. permission of the Associate Dean or Senior Assistant Dean.

To drop a course after the first week of the quarter, a student must complete a course drop request form which can be obtained from the Law School Registrar. The course drop form must be signed by the instructor. Failure to officially drop a course will result in a grade of "F."

Financial Effects of Course Drops

The following tuition and fee refund rules apply in the case of the dropping of courses:

  • 100 percent refund if a course is dropped during the first week of classes
  • 75 percent refund if a course is dropped on the 6th or 7th class days
  • 50 percent refund if a course is dropped on the 8th through 10th class days
  • 25 percent refund if a course is dropped on the 11th through 13th class days
  • No refund if a course is dropped beyond the 13th class day

Dropping an LL.M. Course

LL.M. students must consult with the Program Director (Prof. Fraley or Prof. Wren) about dropping a class.

Complete Withdrawal from the Law School

A Juris Doctor student who finds it necessary to withdraw from the Law School during the term must arrange for an Official Withdrawal by contacting the Associate Dean, Senior Assistant Dean, Director of Student Affairs, or Registrar for an exit interview.  LL.M. students must consult with a Program Director (Prof. Fraley or Prof. Wren) for an exit interview.  To officially withdraw from the Law School, the student must submit an online Withdrawal Form, which can be obtained online at  Students who are unable to use the electronic form, by exception, can declare their intent to withdraw by calling the Law School Registrar's Office at 254-710-4115 or 254-710-1911.

The last day a student may completely withdraw from Juris Doctor or LL.M. classes is the last class day for the term in which the student is enrolled.  Notifying a professor of the student's intent to withdraw does not constitute an official withdrawal from the University.

Refunds of tuition and fees for complete withdrawals are prorated on a per diem basis based on the total calendar days in that payment period up to the date that represents 60% of the payment period.

A student who is dismissed from the school or who chooses to withdraw from school after having breached probation will be subject to these tuition refund rules as in the case of any other complete withdrawal from school.

Academic Effects of Complete Withdrawal – When a student withdraws from the Law School, the assigned “W” is based upon the effective dates of the withdrawal. Failure to properly withdraw with the Law School will result in failure of classes. 

Financial Effects – Refunds of tuition, fees or other charges are applied to any outstanding balance owed to the University. Refunds of tuition and fees are based on the effective date of the withdrawal. Students who received scholarships or other financial aid should contact a financial aid counselor to discuss the financial implications of withdrawal.

To obtain a calendar schedule of refund percentages, please visit One Stop Student Financial Services.

University Withdrawal

Upon confirmation by a student’s instructors of persistent non-attendance, the University reserves the right to withdraw the student for that term with an effective date matching the last known date of academic attendance or engagement.