Computer Science [Cybersecurity Concentration]

Required Courses
CSI 1430Introduction to Computer Science I with Laboratory4
CSI 1440Introduction to Computer Science II with Laboratory4
CSI 2334Introduction to Computer Systems3
CSI 2350Discrete Structures3
CSI 3334Data Structures3
CSI 3335Database Design and Applications3
CSI 3336Systems Programming3
CSI 3344Introduction to Algorithms3
CSI 3471Software Engineering I4
CSI 3372Software Engineering II3
CSI 4321Data Communications3
CSI 4323Introduction to Cybersecurity3
CSI 4325Advanced Cybersecurity3
CSI 4330Foundations of Computing3
CSI 4337Introduction to Operating Systems3
CSI 43C9Capstone Design Project3
CSI 4301Cultural Impact of the Computer3
or PHI 1310 Computer Ethics
CSI 4111Cybersecurity Laboratory (three semesters)3
A grade of “C” or better is required in all computer science hours counted toward major.
MTH 2311Linear Algebra3
MTH 4312Cryptology3
Political Science
PSC 3355The Causes of War3
or PSC 4395 Terrorism
Contemporary Social Issues
Select 3 hours from the corresponding A&S Distribution List (HIS 1300 included)3
Total Hours69