Endowed Lectures

The W.C. Dobbs Endowed Lectureship in Applied Christianity

This lectureship was established in 1995 by Dr. W.C. Dobbs of Mobile, Alabama, retired professor of Christian ethics at Mobile College of Mobile, Alabama. The inaugural lecture was presented by Dr. Lawrence A. Uzzell during the 1999-2000 academic year. Other lectures have since been delivered by Leonora Tubbs Tisdale in 2000-01, William J. Abraham in 2002-03, C. Stephen Evans in 2003-04, Eileen W. Lindner in 2004-05, Greg Boyd in 2008-09, Danny Carroll in 2009-10, Henry Mitchell in 2010-11, Thomas Kidd in 2011-12, Peter Berger in 2012-13, Bruce Longenecker in 2013-14, Greg Garrett in 2014-15, Dr. Alan Jacobs in 2015-16, Revd. Canon Professor Richard A. Burridge in 2016-17, Dr. Craig Blomberg in 2017-18, Dr. William Bellinger in 2018-19, and David Lyle Jeffrey in 2019-20.

The Leo and Gloriana Parchman Endowed Lectures

Established in 1999, this endowment funds an annual lecture to support the mission and curriculum of the seminary by enabling world-renowned theologians from a variety of fields and disciplines to give lectures on topics of current need or interest. The lectures focus on concerns of both theory and practice related to issues in Christian ministry and encourage dynamic discussion on topics related to theological studies. Jürgen Moltmann in 1999-2000, Lewis B. Smedes in 2000-2001, N.T. Wright in 2001-2002, John Polkinghorne in 2002-2003, Walter Brueggemann in 2003-04, James Forbes in 2004-05, Eugene Peterson in 2005-06, Justo L. Gonzalez in 2006-07, Ben Witherington III in 2007-08, Bill Leonard in 2008-09, Lamin Sanneh in 2009-10, Richard Bauckham in 2010-11, Scot McKnight in 2011-12, Geoffrey Wainwright in 2012-13, Richard Mouw in 2013-14, Dana Robert in 2014-15, Alister E. McGrath in 2015-16, Dr. Margaret M. Mitchell in 2016-17, Dr. Robert A. Kolb in 2017-18, James K.A. Smith in 2018-19, Rev. Fleming Rutledge in 2019-20, and John Swinton in 2021-22 have presented lectures.

The Willson-Addis Endowed Lectures on Applied Christianity

This lectureship recognizes the Willsons and their daughter, Oragene Willson Addis and examines practical Christianity. The lecturer may be from any branch of the Judeo-Christian tradition. Past presenters of the Willson-Addis Lectures at Truett Seminary have been Thomas Oden in 1996-97, Dallas Willard in 1997-98, Diana Garland in 1998-99, Robin Lovin in 1999-2000, Ronald Sider in 2000-01, Stanley J. Grenz in 2001-02, Richard Hays in 2002-03, Ellen Charry in 2003-04, Glen Harold Stassen in 2004-05, David Bebbington in 2005-06, James D. G. Dunn in 2006-07, John Sanders in 2007-08, David Augsberger in 2008-09, Philip Jenkins in 2009-10, Kenda Creasy Dean in 2010-11, Kimlyn Bender in 2011-12, Andrew Purves in 2012-13, Ellen Davis in 2013-14, Dan Aleshire in 2014-15, Rodney Reeves in 2015-16, Neville Callam in 2016-17, Dr. Amos Yong in 2017-18, Rev. Luke A. Powery in 2018-19, Dr. Nancey Murphy in 2019-20, and Elizabeth Shively in 2021-22.

The Minette and Huber Lelland Drumwright, Jr., Endowed Colloquium in New Testament Studies

Established in 2002, this colloquium brings national and international leaders in the field of New Testament Studies to the Baylor campus for interaction with students. Church and community leaders will be invited to participate in conferences led by internationally known New Testament specialists as well as younger, developing scholars. The inaugural lecture was presented by Dr. Margaret Mitchell during the 2003-04 academic year, and guest lecturers for the 2004-05 academic year were Markus N. A. Bockmuehl, Bruce W. Longenecker, Beverly Roberts Gaventa, Francis Watson, Stephen Westerholm, and John M.G. Barclay. Bruce Winter was the guest lecturer in 2005-06, C. Clifton Black in 2006-07, Dale Allison in 2007-08, Loveday Alexander in 2008-09, David Horrell in 2009-10, Beverly Gaventa in 2010-11, Larry Hurtado in 2011-12, Robert B. Sloan, Jr. in 2012-13, Ralph Wood in 2013-14, Simon Gathercole, L. Anne Jervis, Jonathan Linebaugh, Davina C. Lopez, J. Ross Wagner, Michael Wolter in 2014-15, Robert P. George in 16-17, and Heather Reynolds, Robert Doar, Jeremy Everett in 2017-18, Jorg Frey in 2018-19, and Eric Barreto in 2021-22.