Church Music - Voice Emphasis, B.M.

Requirements for a Major in Church Music, Voice Emphasis

Fifty-seven to sixty-two semester hours including:
MUS 2260Elementary Conducting (Music Education Elementary)2
MUS 2370Formation for Christian Musicians3
MUS 3261Choral Conducting2
MUS 3370The Musician as Educator in the Church3
MUS 3377Instrumental Music in the Church3
MUS 3378Technology and Keyboards in the Church3
MUS 4270Music Ministry Internship2
MUS 4373Worship in the Church3
MUS 4374The Song of the Church3
MUS 4375Leadership in Music Ministry3
Select two semester hours from the following:2
English and Italian Diction
German Diction
French Diction
Applied Music
Sixteen semester hours applied music. Credit earned for applied music study may not be used to satisfy degree requirements until candidate is officially admitted to the School of Music. Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Dean of the School of Music.16
Zero to four hours secondary applied (Piano Level IVs). Must have a grade of “C” or above in all secondary piano courses. 10-4
Select one of the following:1
Guitar for Music Ministry
Guitar Proficiency
A minimum of eight semesters of large ensemble; enrollment in ensemble in the major performing area required for every term in residence.8
Four semester hours additional ensembles4
Junior-level recital in senior year
MUS 1007Church Music Forum (required for every term in residence)0
Supportive Courses
Thirty-one semester hours music core31
Total Hours89-93

The s in Piano Levels indicates that the curriculum in these levels is designed for secondary piano students.