Recreation & Leisure Services (RLS)

RLS 4331  Meanings, Culture, and Philosophy of American Landscapes  (3)  

A critical approach to understanding the meanings, culture, and philosophies Americans ascribe to natural landscapes. Traditional perspectives including colonial American, romantic, and science-based conservation are characterized, as well as revisionist themes aligned with gender, cultural pluralism, and societal meanings of natural resource based protected areas.

RLS 4395  Principles of Church Recreation  (3)  

History, philosophy, objectives, and administration of recreation in the church and how it relates to the total ministry of the church. It will include an overview of various areas of church recreation and an investigation of leisure and its value in a church setting.

RLS 5301  Leadership and Supervision of Outdoor Adventure Activities  (3)  

Leadership of outdoor adventure activities in a variety of leisure settings with focus on liability, supervision, and management standards.

RLS 5379  Research Methods in Health, Human Performance, and Recreation  (3)  
Cross-listed as HED 5379, HP 5379, RED 5379  

See HP 5379 for course information.

RLS 5V70  Special Topics in Health, Human Performance, and Recreation  (1-6)  
Cross-listed as HED 5V70, HP 5V70, RED 5V70  

See HP 5V70 for course information.

RLS 5V74  Professional Literature Seminar in Health, Human Performance and Recreation  (1-6)  
Cross-listed as HED 5V74, HP 5V74  

See HP 5V74 for course information.

RLS 5V90  Internship  (1-6)  
Cross-listed as HED 5V90, HP 5V90, RED 5V90  

See HP 5V90 for course information.

RLS 5V94  Practicum in HHPR  (1-3)  
Cross-listed as HED 5V94, HP 5V94, RED 5V94  

See HP 5V94 for course information.

RLS 5V99  Thesis  (1-6)  
Cross-listed as HP 5V99  

See HP 5V99 for course information.