Recreation & Leisure Services (RLS)

RLS 5301  Leadership and Supervision of Outdoor Adventure Activities  (3)  

Leadership of outdoor adventure activities in a variety of leisure settings with focus on liability, supervision, and management standards.

RLS 5379  Research Methods in Health, Human Performance, and Recreation  (3)  
Cross-listed as HED 5379, HP 5379, RED 5379  

See HP 5379 for course information.

RLS 5V70  Special Topics in Health, Human Performance, and Recreation  (1-6)  
Cross-listed as HED 5V70, HP 5V70, RED 5V70  

See HP 5V70 for course information.

RLS 5V74  Professional Literature Seminar in Health, Human Performance and Recreation  (1-6)  
Cross-listed as HED 5V74, HP 5V74  

See HP 5V74 for course information.

RLS 5V90  Internship  (1-6)  
Cross-listed as HED 5V90, HP 5V90, RED 5V90  

See HP 5V90 for course information.

RLS 5V94  Practicum in HHPR  (1-3)  
Cross-listed as HED 5V94, HP 5V94, RED 5V94  

See HP 5V94 for course information.

RLS 5V99  Thesis  (1-6)  
Cross-listed as HP 5V99  

See HP 5V99 for course information.