Geography (GEOG)

GEOG 1300  World Geography  (3)  

A description survey of the world's major geographic provinces emphasizing the influence of environment and natural resources on human activity.

GEOG 1310  Cultural Geography  (3)  
Cross-listed as ANT 1310  

See ANT 1310 for course information.

GEOG 1404  Physical Geography  (4)  

Geographic and functional relationships within the physical environment: Earth-Sun relationships, weather, climate, soils, vegetation, and landforms. Weekly laboratory included.

GEOG 4316  Geography for Educators  (3)  
Pre-requisite(s): Upper-level standing and for School of Education majors only  

Orientation to geography as a scholarly discipline, with emphasis on the National Geography Standards, and the five themes of geography. Course explores instructional methods and materials for teaching geography.