Studio Art, B.A.

Requirements for a Major in Studio Art

Forty-two semester hours including the following:
Required Courses
ART 1310Drawing I3
ART 13142D Design3
ART 13163D Design3
ART 2310Figure Drawing I3
ARTH 2302Survey of Western Art I3
ARTH 2303Survey of Western Art II3
Select three semester hours from each group:
Group 13
Oil Painting
Acrylic Painting
Relief Printmaking
Watercolor Painting
Group 23
Hand-Built Ceramics
Wood Sculpture
Metal Sculpture
Group 33
Fabric Surface Design
Non-Woven/Off-Loom Fabric Structures
Photography I: Introduction to the Camera and Darkroom
Six semester hours of Art History (ARTH)6
Nine semester hours of Studio Art (ART)9
Total Hours42