Aviation Sciences (Professional Pilot - Airplane), B.S.A.

Requirements for a Major in Aviation Sciences (Professional Pilot - Airplane)

Seventy semester hours including the following:
Required Courses
AVS 1331Private Pilot Flight3
AVS 1332Instrument Rating Flight3
AVS 2333Commercial Flight I3
AVS 2334Commercial Flight II3
AVS 3236Certified Flight Instructor - Airplane Flight2
AVS 3235Multi-Engine Flight2
or AVS 4237 Certified Flight instructor - Instrument Flight
Fifty-four hours required from Baylor to include:
AVS 1300Introduction to Aviation3
AVS 1301Air Navigation3
AVS 1302Private Pilot Ground School3
AVS 1303Instrument Rating Ground School3
AVS 1313Introduction to Meteorology3
AVS 2304Commercial Pilot Ground School3
AVS 3305Flight Instructor Ground School3
AVS 3310Aviation Law3
AVS 3311Aircraft Accident Investigation and Prevention3
AVS 3312Aviation Safety3
AVS 3315Advanced Aviation Meteorology3
AVS 4314Advanced Aircraft Systems3
AVS 4315Aerodynamics3
Select fifteen hours from the following:15
Flight Crew Career Development
Space Weather
Aviation Leadership
Multi-Engine Flight
Certified Flight instructor - Instrument Flight
Multi Engine Instructor Flight
Instructor - Instrument Ground School
Aerospace Propulsion Systems
Avionics System Design
Crew Resource Managment (CRM) in Aviation
Aviation Management
Internship in Aviation
Required Courses in Other Fields
MTH 1321Calculus I3
MTH 1322Calculus II3
or STA 2381 Introductory Statistical Methods
PHY 1408General Physics for Natural and Behavioral Sciences I4
or PHY 1420 General Physics I
CSI 3303Information Technology3-4
or CSI 1401 Introduction to Programming I
or CSI 4301 Cultural Impact of the Computer
Total Hours83-84