College of Arts and Sciences

Bachelor of Arts (BIC), Bachelor of Science (BIC), Bachelor of Fine Arts (BIC), Bachelor of Aviation Science (BIC)

College of Arts & Sciences

Minimum Requirement(124)
Residence Requirement – minimum(60)
Grade point average – minimum of 2.00 (“C”) overall and in the major, for work done at Baylor.
Interdisciplinary Core Requirements
World Cultures
BIC 1314World Cultures I: Roots of Culture3
BIC 1324World Cultures II: Religion and Culture3
BIC 2334World Cultures III: The Modern World3
BIC 2344World Cultures IV: The United States in the World3
The World of Rhetoric
BIC 1313
BIC 1323
World of Rhetoric I
and World of Rhetoric II: Rhetoric in Context
The Social World
BIC 2330
BIC 2340
Social World I: The City and the Soul
and Social World II: The Conditions and Possibilities of Human Fulfillment
The Natural World
BIC 2437
BIC 2447
The Natural World I: Primary Ideas in Science
and The Natural World II: Global Science Issues
Students may petition two laboratory science courses required by their major from the approved list.
The Examined Life
BIC 1112Examined Life1
BIC 3358Examined Life II: Biblical Heritage and Contemporary Ethical Issues3
BIC 4374World Cultures V: Differing Visions and Realities3
or BIC 4389 Examined Life III Capstone: Special Topics
Additional Core Requirements
Formal Reasoning
Complete 3 hrs.3
Foreign Language and Culture (Two to Four Courses)
To meet this requirement, students must:
(1) attain an appropriate level of proficiency and
(2) complete at least 6 hours in residence
Complete one of the following options:6-12
Option One
8 hours selected from intensive language courses in German or Spanish (both courses must be from the same language and both must be completed in residence): 1412 and 2412.
Option Two
9 hours from the Foreign Language and Culture distribution list, including the completion of at least one language through the third level of proficiency (2310 course or equivalent) Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, or Swahili may be used.
Option Three
12 hours from the Foreign Language and Culture distribution list, including the completion of two classical languages through the second level of proficiency (1302 course or equivalent). Aramaic, Hebrew, Latin, and Greek may be used. 1
Creative Arts Experiences
Four events
BIC students are required to attend 4 approved events (after completion of World Cultures I-IV) from the following categories: Art, Film, Music, Theatre, or Literature/ World Cultures. Students may complete only one event per category.0
Chapel – two semesters, usually freshman year0
One required, others may be elected from the list included in the Arts and Sciences section of this catalog. See departmental sections for specific requirements.
Optional, may elect one or more minors. Specific requirements in departmental sections of this catalog.
Advanced Work Minimum
“3000” or “4000” numbered courses36
Maximum Credit
Within the minimum of 124 hours required for a degree, the following maximum credits are applicable:
(1) four courses of lifetime fitness (activity) and
(2) ten hours of applied and/or ensemble music

Students may be able to complete their requirements for this distribution list in as few as 6 hours if they have a higher level of proficiency; for example, if they bring in transfer credit, have CBE credit, or had a strong high school background in a language. Students meeting any of these criteria are strongly encouraged to consult with the Department of Modern Languages and Cultures, Classics, (Latin or Greek), or Religion (Hebrew) for recommendations on placement and appropriate classes.

Note: Students who pursue a BM, BME, or BA (Music) degree (other than string majors) will encounter scheduling conflicts between required BIC classes and required music ensembles, making participation in the BIC impossible.