End of Semester Examinations

At the end of each semester, examinations are given in all subjects.  The examination closes the work of a particular course.  Because of the value in bringing about a general view of the whole subject, no student is excused from any final examination for any reason.

All examinations are conducted on the basis of the Honor Code as printed in the Honor Code book and published online.

No final examination may be given on other than regularly scheduled dates unless approved by the appropriate academic dean.  A student with three final examinations scheduled on the same day may appeal to one of the instructors or the appropriate dean who will reschedule an exam during the final examination period.

Delayed Examinations

A student who misses an end of semester examination due to illness or another imperative cause should, as early as possible, consult the instructor for permission to take a delayed examination.  If possible, this request should be made before the scheduled time for the examination.  Late explanations are less likely to be accepted.  If delayed examination permission is granted, the course grade will be “I” (incomplete) if the student is in satisfactory status in the course; otherwise, the grade will be “F.”

If a delayed examination request is directed to the dean, he or she will consult the instructor and subsequently inform the student of the approval or disapproval of the request.  If approved, the student may then arrange with the instructor for the examination.  Permission for a delayed examination will not be given unless the student is in good standing in the course.  The incomplete grade must be removed by the end of the subsequent semester (summer term included); the “I” will automatically be changed to the grade of “F” if the course is not completed by this time.  An “I” is not included in hours earned or grade point average until it expires or becomes a final grade.