History - Secondary Major

Requirements for a Secondary Major in History

Thirty-three semester hours, six of which must be at the 4000-level, including the following:
Required Courses
Introductory Surveys 1
HIS 1305World History to 15003
HIS 1307World History since 15003
HIS 1365United States History to 18773
HIS 1366United States History since 18773
HIS 2395Research Writing: History3
Six semester hours from each of the following subgroups:
U.S. History6
Global History6
European History6
History Capstone. 2
Capstone Seminar in U.S. History
Capstone Seminar in Global History
Capstone Seminar in European History
Additional Requirements
A grade of “C” or better must be earned in HIS courses used for the major.
Total Hours33

HIS 1300 The United States in Global Perspective does not count toward the major. Students completing World Cultures I, II, III, and IV in the Baylor Interdisciplinary Core receive credit toward the major by petition for HIS 1305 World History to 1500 edited Course and HIS 1307 World History since 1500 


All majors are required to take at least one capstone seminar. There are capstone seminars for each of the three subfields in the major, and they are included as a part of the six credits required for each subfield.

The department strongly recommends that all history majors take a fourth semester language course, as well as electives in other humanities and social science fields.