Juris Doctor Professional Tracks & Special Distinctions

Baylor Law School offers fifteen “Professional Tracks of Study” and seven “Special Distinctions.” These tracks and distinctions will provide students with the opportunity to focus their studies based on interest and career goals.

Students are not required to complete a professional track or special distinction, but are encouraged to do so. Students interested in one or more areas of study should see one of the designated faculty members for additional information about the benefits of pursuing the completion of a track or special distinction. Planning needs to begin as early in law school as possible to avoid potential scheduling conflicts.

Professional tracks of study will not be noted on the law school transcript. Special Distinctions will be noted on the transcript after completion and will be recognized at commencement.

Professors who can be consulted about a particular track or special distinction are listed on the following pages.

The Professional Tracks are as follows:

The Special Distinctions are as follows: