Secondary Major Instrumental Music Performance

Requirements for a Secondary Major in Instrumental Music Performance

Thirty-five semester hours including:
Undergraduate Applied Music in Emphasis Area8
Advanced Undergraduate Applied Music in Emphasis Area8
Large Ensemble in Emphasis Area8
Secondary Ensemble in Emphasis Area4
MUS 1301Theory I 13
MUS 1101Musicianship I 11
MUS 3315Survey of Music Literature3
MUS 1001Recital Attendance (four semesters)0
MUS 40**Full Solo Recital (pass/fail; zero credit)0
Total Hours35

Theory placement exam required. If a student wishes to use transfer credit or credit by exam for these courses, the student must take the next courses in the theory and musicianship sequence to total 4 credit hours in Theory/Musicianship earned at Baylor.

Admission to a secondary major in Instrumental Music Performance is by audition only, and students must enter this program before earning 45 credit hours at Baylor.  This major is available only for woodwinds, brass, string, or percussion instruments.  All hours of applied music in the emphasis area must be taken in the same instrument.