Bachelor of Music

Total Hours for Degree – minimum of 124 sem. hrs.(124)
Residence Requirement – minimum(60)
Grade point average – minimum of 2.00 overall, and also in the major for work done at Baylor.
Basic Requirements
Complete two semesters0
Creative Arts Experience
Attend twelve events0
Students are required to attend 12 approved events with at least 2 events from each of the following categories: Art, Film, Music, Theatre, and Literature/World Cultures. Transfer students with 30 hours will attend 10 events.
Literature in Context
Select 3 hours from the School of Music Literature in Context distribution list.3
Select one course from the following:3
The United States in Global Perspective
World History to 1500
World History since 1500
Political Science
PSC 1387The U.S. Constitution, Its Interpretation, and the American Political Experience3
REL 1310
REL 1350
The Christian Scriptures
and The Christian Heritage
Foreign Languages and Culture
Select a minimum of 6 hours from the SOM Foreign Language and Cultural Competency distribution list. 16-12
Formal Reasoning -or- Scientific Method I: Course w/Lab Experience
Select 3 hours from the Formal Reasoning distribution list or 4 hours (one 4-hour course with included lab or 3-hour lecture and matching 1-hour lab course) from the Scientific Method I distribution list.3-4
Research Writing
ENG 1310Writing and Academic Inquiry Seminars3
Select one of the following:3
Technical Writing
Persuasive and Argumentative Writing
Professional & Workplace Writing
Lifetime Fitness
Select two activity courses2
Voice majors must fulfill this requirement by taking:
Beginning Relaxation/Fitness
Select one course from the following:
Beginning Aerobics
Intermediate Aerobics
Aerobic Walking
Aerobic Running
Beginning Ballet
Intermediate Ballet
Advanced Ballet
Social Dance
Beginning Jazz Dance
Intermediate Jazz Dance
Intermediate Swimming
Weight Control
Beginning Weight Training
Intermediate Weight Training
Intermediate Relaxation/Fitness
Advanced Relaxation/Fitness
Optional; may be required to reach 124 sem. hr. minimum

B.M. voice and B.M. music history and literature majors must take two semesters each of two languages (12 sem. hrs). B.M. voice majors must select from Italian (ITA), French (FRE), or German (GER).

Distribution lists appear at the end of the School of Music section of this catalog.

Music Core for Bachelor of Music Degree

Core Requirements
MUS 1301Theory I (must have a grade of "C" or above) 1,23
MUS 1101Musicianship I (must have a grade of "C" or above) 1,21
MUS 1302Theory II (must have a grade of "C" or above) 1,23
MUS 1102Musicianship II (must have a grade of "C" or above) 1,21
MUS 2301Theory III (must have a grade of "C" or above) 1,23
MUS 2101Musicianship III (must have a grade of "C" or above) 1,21
MUS 2302Theory IV 1,23
MUS 2102Musicianship IV 1,21
MUS 3301Theory V3
MUS 3324The History of Music before 1600 23
MUS 3325The History of Music from 1600 to 1800 23
MUS 3326The History of Music from 1800 to World War I 23
MUS 3327The History of Music from World War I to the Present 23
MUS 1001Recital Attendance (6 semesters)0
Total Hours31

Undergraduate majors in music theory must make a grade of "B" or above.


Undergraduate majors in music history and literature must make a grade of "B" or above.