Honors (HON)

HON 2370  Special Topics in the Honors Program  (3)  

This course provides students the opportunity to pursue various lines of study as part of their Honors curriculum. Topics of the course are determined by the instructor in coordination with the Honors Program Director. With content changed, this course may be repeated for credit for a maximum of six hours.

HON 3100  Advanced Readings & Research  (1)  

Advanced readings and research toward an Honors thesis. The course is conducted under the direction of a faculty mentor from the student's major department, concentration, or area of research.

HON 3101  Advanced Readings & Research  (1)  
Pre-requisite(s): HON 3100 or concurrent enrollment  

Continuation of HON 3100, as well as participation in proseminars on thesis research and writing. Includes submission of a formal thesis proposal.

HON 3200  Colloquium  (2)  

Informal group discussion of important books and issues in various branches of knowledge under the direction of faculty members or others who are specialists in the area of discussion.

HON 3201  Colloquium  (2)  
Pre-requisite(s): HON 3200  

Continuation of HON 3200.

HON 3455  Research Design  (4)  
Pre-requisite(s): Upper-level standing  

Within the context of providing Honors students the architecture of laboratory, clinical, and social science research, this course has the goals of: introducing an epistemological and methodological strategy for students to conduct scientific research; enabling them to conceptualize and plan their Honors Thesis; facilitating the student's beginning work with their faculty mentor; and requiring the participants to write the initial draft of their first four chapters of their Honors Thesis - Introduction, Review of Literature, Methodology, and Hypotheses.

HON 3V70  Readings in the Honors Program  (1-4)  
Pre-requisite(s): Upper-level standing  

Material selected will serve needs of students within the Honors Program. With content changed, this course may be repeated once for credit.

HON 4088  Honors Exit Review  (0)  
Pre-requisite(s): Credit or concurrent enrollment in HON 4V87  

Students complete the Honors Exit Review course during their final semester. They will receive a grade of Credit once they have submitted all necessary paperwork and completed all other steps necessary to graduate from the Honors Program.

HON 4V87  Honors Thesis  (1-4)  
Pre-requisite(s): Credit or concurrent enrollment in HON 3101  

Students complete Honors Thesis while conducting research and writing their thesis. The course is supervised by a faculty member in the student's major department or concentration. As a variable hour course, HON 4V87 may be completed for 1-4 hours of credit during a given semester depending upon the consent of the instructor and approval from the Honors Program. Typically, students will register for two hours of Honors Thesis during their penultimate semester and two final hours during their last semester.