Music Ensemble (MUEN)

MUEN 1010  Spring Athletic Bands  (0)  
Pre-requisite(s): Audition/Instructor approval  

Students enrolled in Spring Athletic Bands will rehearse and perform in support of designated spring sports and activities. Membership is open to both music and non-music majors and is determined by audition/instructor approval. Students will be selected to perform at both "home" and "away" games and activities at the discretion of the instructor. Rehearsals will occur once weekly.

MUEN 1050  Ensemble  (0)  

Participation in various ensembles of the School of Music. Instruction approval required.

MUEN 1100  A Cappella Choir  (1)  

The Baylor University A Cappella Choir is Baylor's premier choral organization. The seventy-voice choir sings a wide range of musical styles.

MUEN 1101  Orchestra  (1)  

The Baylor University Symphony Orchestra is dedicated to high-quality performance of the orchestra repertoire and to the professional and artistic growth of its members. The Baylor University Concert Orchestra is a string orchestra composed of undergraduate and graduate students from a variety of curricula from across the Baylor University campus.

MUEN 1102  Marching Band  (1)  

The Baylor University Golden Wave Marching Band of approximately 260 students from twenty states performs a pregame and halftime show for each of Baylor's home football games. In addition, the band travels to several out-of-town games.

MUEN 1103  Symphonic Band  (1)  

The Symphonic Band is a sixty-member ensemble that performs a wide variety of literature including chamber works, masterworks for band, and contemporary wind literature. The philosophy of the Symphonic Band is to encourage musical growth in all students through careful selection of appropriate repertoire. Membership in the Symphonic Band is open to both music and non-music majors through audition in both fall and spring semesters.

MUEN 1104  Opera  (1)  

The Opera class is an ensemble that exists to provide Vocal Students at Baylor University with appropriate performance opportunities in opera and/or musical theatre. The Baylor Opera produces at least two productions per school year. The principal production or "Showcase Opera" is produced once each year and features the Baylor Symphony Orchestra and an Opera Chorus when literature calls for one. At least one additional production is also schedules each year, along with a smaller production or program of opera scenes. This course is strictly an Ensemble. All class, rehearsal and coaching sessions are used to prepare works for performance. Roles in Baylor Opera's productions are cast by audition.

MUEN 1105  Chamber Singers  (1)  

The sixteen-voice Chamber Singers specialize in the performance of music of the Renaissance and Contemporary Periods. The group serves as the primary performance group of Baylor's Armstrong-Browning Library.

MUEN 1106  Jazz Ensemble  (1)  

The Baylor Jazz program is a program dedicated to the study and performance of the uniquely American art form of Jazz. The ensembles are made up of students from many different disciplines from around the campus.

MUEN 1107  Concert Choir  (1)  

The ninety-voice Concert Choir performs music from all styles of choral repertoire with emphasis on accompanied works.

MUEN 1108  Wind Ensemble  (1)  

The Baylor Wind Ensemble is comprised of the finest woodwind, brass, and percussion students in the Baylor University School of Music. Membership in the ensemble is open to student of all majors by audition. The Wind Ensemble seeks to expose its students and its audiences to the highest quality of music written for wind instruments from the Renaissance to the present. This repertoire, along with regular visits by leading composers, exposes students to a wide variety of compositional techniques, rehearsal processes and expressive possibilities.

MUEN 1109  Concert Band  (1)  

The Concert Band consists of students who come from all facets of university life. Meeting twice a week, this group offers any student the opportunity to continue instrumental performance with a limited rehearsal schedule. No audition is required.

MUEN 1120  Early Music Ensemble  (1)  

The Baylor Early Music Ensemble performs music from the Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque eras. Cultural contexts and historical performance practices are explored in the rich musical repertoires of our past.

MUEN 1121  Baylor University Men's Choir  (1)  

The Baylor University Men's Choir (formerly Men's Glee Club) is an auditioned group of male musicians. The group's annual season includes performances for Parent's Weekend, Fall and Spring Concerts, Tour Concerts, the Baylor University Christmas Concerts, and frequent appearances for university guests, alumni, and members of the wider community. Membership in the choir is open by audition to all male students on the Baylor campus and includes representatives from many departments and majors. Regular rehearsals consist of two eighty-minute sessions each week.

MUEN 1122  Small Vocal Ensemble  (1)  

This ensemble will focus primarily on contemporary a cappella and vocal jazz. The group will work to perform on campus as well as in and around the Waco community.

MUEN 1124  Women's Choir  (1)  

The Baylor University Women's Choir is an auditioned ensemble dedicated to the study and performance of music for the female voice. Annual performances include the Parent's Weekend concert, Fall and Spring concerts, Christmas at Baylor, and hosting the Baylor Women's Choir Festival -- an event attended by over 250 high school women's choir singers each year. The choir also sings at a variety of events in the community and undertakes recording projects. Membership is open through audition to female students in any degree program at Baylor.

MUEN 1125  Baylor Bronze  (1)  

The "Baylor Bronze" handbell ensemble rings five octaves of bells and five octaves of chimes.

MUEN 1126  Baylor Bells  (1)  
Pre-requisite(s): Consent of instructor  

This performance ensemble provides a foundation for handbell ringing at the beginning and intermediate levels.

MUEN 1130  Chamber Music (Strings)  (1)  

All instrumental students participate in faculty-coached, regularly-scheduled, un-conducted ensembles. Participation in these ensembles improves the student's musical perception, technical facility and expressive capabilities. In addition to broadening the students' knowledge of repertoire for small combinations of instruments, they learn how to work together with and without supervision.

MUEN 1131  Chamber Music (Brass)  (1)  

See MUEN 1130 for general description of chamber music classes.

MUEN 1132  Chamber Music (Woodwind)  (1)  

See MUEN 1130 for general description of chamber music classes.

MUEN 1133  Chamber Music (Percussion)  (1)  

See MUEN 1130 for general description of chamber music classes.

MUEN 1134  Harp Ensemble  (1)  

See MUEN 1130 for general description of chamber music classes.

MUEN 1135  Piano Ensemble  (1)  

Introduction to literature for piano duet and piano duo from a variety of style periods. The study of piano ensemble music will provide students with new ways of listening to and thinking about solo and ensemble music.

MUEN 1136  Studio Accompanying  (1)  
Pre-requisite(s): This class is only open to keyboard majors  

Other students who wish to take the class must contact the instructor for permission. First semester: Introduction to collaborative repertoire and techniques. Emphasis is on efficient personal practice methods and ensemble rehearsal techniques in the first half of the semester; special attention is given to score study, sight-reading, and time management, as well as techniques for dealing with orchestral reductions. Collaborative skills of balance, ensemble, and shared musical leadership are addressed through mast class and private coaching of repertoire prepared as part of required assignments in vocal and/or instrumental studios. Subsequent semesters: Repertoire prepared as part of assignments in instrumental and vocal studios is coached privately and in mast class. Collaborative skills of balance, ensemble, and shared musical leadership are emphasized, along with rehearsal techniques and study methods specific to the preparation of vocal repertoire as distinct from instrumental repertoire. Assignments include applied lessons, rehearsals, and related public performances as appropriate.

MUEN 1137  Keyboard Skills  (1)  

Designed to develop basic keyboard proficiency in sight-reading, transposition, open score reading, improvisation, accompanying, and ensemble playing. The specific roles and skills required of the church pianist, the conductor-choral accompanist, and the commercial pianist (studio, musical theater) are covered. Basic introduction to digital keyboards. Fundamentals of conducting and choral rehearsal techniques from the piano.

MUEN 1138  Jazz Combo  (1)  

This course is designed to help students to develop rehearsal and performance techniques to perform effectively and successfully in a small jazz ensemble or combo.

MUEN 1193  Baylor Bella Voce  (1)  
Pre-requisite(s): Consent of instructor  

Baylor Bella Voce is a highly select women's choral ensemble of forty-two singers. Entrance into this ensemble is by audition only. The course is open primarily to music majors (voice majors, choral music education majors, and church music majors) at the undergraduate level. Students from other disciplines may be allowed into the courses as determined by the conductor of the ensemble (instructor of the course). Baylor Bella Voce performs a wide and interesting variety of choral selections reflecting various style periods and genres from the vast repertoire of treble music currently available. The ensemble presents performances within the university community, the local community, the state, and the nation, and even internationally. Through the study and performance of some of the most challenging treble literature available, students have the opportunity to maximally develop musical, vocal, and ensemble skills.