Professional Mentorship

The Garland School of Social Work offers students the optional resource of being assigned a faculty mentor. The role of the faculty mentor is to provide professional advice as students begin designing their social work career paths. Mentors1 within the GSSW will act as:

  • Professional Advisors – Sharing knowledge on the profession of social work as well as on areas of personal expertise.
  • Supporters – Supporting the student’s intellectual and professional development.
  • Consultants – Assisting students through the development of their educational program.
  • Sponsors – Assisting students in engaging with faculty on projects that may lead to publications or conference presentations.
  • Models – Faculty will engage with the student in a way that provides an example of responsible, ethical, and balanced communication.

    1The above definition of Mentor is modified from mentoring resources provided by Duke University.

The Faculty Mentor Request Form will open at the beginning of the Fall and Spring terms and must be submitted by the deadline as communicated by the MSW Program Manager for the term in which the student is requesting the mentorship. Mentors will be assigned for Fall and Spring terms only. Mentor assignments will be made for a single term and can be considered for extension upon student request.