International Relations, M.A.

Program of Study

The minimum requirement for the Master of Arts graduate degree is thirty-six hours, which must include at least one-half of those semester hours, exclusive of thesis credits, at the 5000-level. For information on transferring graduate credit from an accredited university or college, see the section on transfer credit in the General Degree Requirements Section in the front of the catalog.

Core Courses
Select at least six courses from the following:18
International Human Rights
Grand Strategy
International Political Economics
International Organization
Development of International Relations Thought
Research Design and Research Methods
Seminar in Comparative Politics
Seminar in International Relations
International Law
Public Discourse and Foreign Policy
Intelligence and Covert Action
Power, Morality, and International Relations
Islam and Democracy
Diplomacy in Theory and Practice
Seminar in National Security Decision Making
Comparative Constitutional Law
American Foreign Policy
Development of Strategic Thought
The student should select four courses (12 semester hours) from the following “Regions” and “Global Studies” courses, in consultation with the Graduate Program Director. 112
Writing and Special Study Options
After consultation with the Graduate Program Director, a student will choose one of the following options:6
Graduate Internship (involving a written report on at least three months of full-time supervised employment with an agency involved in International Affairs)
Professional Paper in Public Policy and Administration (and one additional 5000-level graduate elective)
Thesis (including an oral defense of the project)
Six semester hours of graduate-credit study at a foreign university, as approved by the Graduate Program Director and the Dean of the Graduate School.
Total Hours36

PSC 5391 Reading Course in Political Science may be taken twice for credit either in Regions or Global Issues.

Fields of Study


PSC 4325Asian International Relations3
PSC 4344Government and Politics of Russia3
PSC 4364The Governments and Politics of the Asia-Pacific Region3
PSC 4374Governments and Politics of East Asia3
AST 4350Seminar in Asian Studies3
PHI 4340East Asian Philosophy3
REL 4346Topics in Asian Religions3
Europe and the United States
PSC 4324British Government and Politics3
PSC 4335Public Discourse and Foreign Policy3
PSC 4354Governments and Politics of Western Europe3
PSC 5310Seminar in American Politics3
PSC 5335Seminar in National Security Decision Making3
PSC 5345American Foreign Policy3
HIS 4336Europe since World War I3
HIS 4339Cultural and Intellectual History of Modern Europe3
HIS 4343France since 18153
HIS 4390U.S. Foreign Relations to 19193
HIS 4392U.S. Foreign Relations since 19193
PHI 4341Contemporary Continental Philosophy3
REL 5335Modern European Christianity3
Latin America
PSC 4304Governments and Politics of Latin America3
HIS 5350Seminar in Latin American History3
LAS 4350Latin American Studies Seminar3
PHI 4331Latin American Philosophy3
Middle East and Africa
PSC 4334Governments and Politics of the Middle East3

Global Issues and Institutions

PSC 4305International Law3
PSC 4316Grand Strategy3
PSC 4346Intelligence and Covert Action3
PSC 4355Power, Morality, and International Relations3
PSC 4375International Organization3
PSC 4379Islam and Democracy3
PSC 4383Contemporary Political Thought3
PSC 4385Diplomacy in Theory and Practice3
PSC 4395Terrorism3
PSC 5315Development of International Relations Thought3
PSC 5320Seminar in Comparative Public Policy3
PSC 5344Comparative Constitutional Law3
PSC 5355Development of Strategic Thought3
PSC 5391Reading Course in Political Science3
ANT 4350Development and Indigenous People3
CSS 4353Public Discourse and Foreign Policy3
ECO 4334Economic Development3
ECO 5321Energy Economics3
ECO 5330Problem Areas in International Economics3
ECO 5338Seminar in World Economic Systems3
ECO 5343History of Economic Thought3
ENV 4310World Food Problems3