Registration Policies and Procedures

Registration is completed according to the procedures and time schedule outlined on the web under “Register for Classes” (  Students must be officially enrolled in a course by the fifth class day of a fall or spring semester in order to earn credit in the course.  Instructors may not allow any person to attend their course or section who is not currently enrolled in and/or does not appear on the class roster for that course section. In extenuating circumstances, students may request an exception from the instructor. Final approval is granted by the instructor's Dean's office.

Pass-Fail Registration

With the permission of the dean of the appropriate academic unit, a student may elect the option to enroll pass-fail for one standard graded course per term.  Such courses may be used for general elective credit only and may total no more than eighteen semester hours toward an undergraduate degree.  Business school students may not register for pass-fail credit in any course, including Lifetime Fitness, required under the B.B.A. degree program.

A change in course registration from graded to pass-fail, or from pass-fail to graded, may be made only during the period in which courses may be added.

Audit Registration

Students who wish to take a course and not earn academic credit may be eligible to audit the course with the written permission of the dean of the appropriate academic unit.  If approved, the Undergraduate Registration Petition form is completed by the student and the dean of the appropriate academic unit and sent to the Office of the Registrar.  The fee for auditing a course is $390.  There is no additional fee for students paying flat-rate tuition.

Laboratory and applied courses may not be audited.  The student is entitled only to listen to lectures and class discussions.  Audit enrollment is subject to the instructor’s willingness to have nonparticipating students.  Auditors are not permitted in certain courses as specified by the individual departments; they are ordinarily not permitted in seminars or writing and correspondence courses.  Auditing a course allows for library access and does not afford the use of other ID accessible facilities.

Courses taken for audit may not exclude a student seeking credit, may not be repeated at a later date for credit, may not be changed in status after the registration period, and are not considered part of the course load.

Post-Baccalaureate Registration

All post baccalaureate students must follow the same registration procedures as undergraduates, regardless of whether or not they are seeking a second degree  (refer to In order to register through BearWeb for a course that requires a prerequisite, students must contact the department. Students deciding to audit courses must follow procedures for all students as stated in the catalog.

Self-Paced Online Course Registration

A maximum of fifteen credit hours may be completed through self-paced online courses to meet the needs of Baylor students, particularly those who are not residents. In exceptional situations, the dean may allow self-paced online courses for students who are residents.


A student must be a previously enrolled full-time Baylor student, a currently enrolled part-time Baylor student, a graduating senior,* a High School Accelerate student, or a non-degree seeking student before he/she may register.  Full-time Baylor students must be in their final undergraduate semester in order to be eligible.  Baylor students must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0.  If the Baylor student is on academic probation, he/she must have at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA. Baylor students may take no more than three self-paced online courses during one semester.  High School Accelerate students may not take more than one self-paced online course during a semester. No self-paced online courses may be taken during the Minimester, summer terms, or during Wintermester.

*a graduating senior is defined as a student with twenty-one or fewer hours remaining and who has filed for graduation with their respective Dean’s Office.


Baylor students may only be registered by the student’s degree-granting unit. High School Accelerate students may only be registered by the Accelerate Advising Office in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Non-degree seeking students must register through the College of Arts & Sciences Dean’s office.


The tuition for Baylor students and non-degree seeking students is calculated at the standard tuition rate. Accelerate students will be calculated at their tuition rate.

Time limits

Courses for Baylor students may begin as early as the 6th class day and must begin no later than the end of the 7th week of the semester.  High school Accelerate students must register before the semester begins.  Courses must be completed by the last day of final exams.

Post Registration Changes

Changes in schedules may be made through BearWeb at through the 12th class day of a fall or spring semester.  Beginning the 13th class day, students may drop classes, through BearWeb, once they have approval from their advisor , through the 50th class day (see Academic Calendar for summer dates).  Permission from the appropriate dean's office is required to add or register after the fifth class day (see Academic Calendar for Summer dates).