Environmental Humanities Distribution List

Social and Natural Science Class Options

ANT 3301Science, Society, and Culture3
ANT/ENV 3320Environment and Human Behavior3
ANT 4311/ENV 4310World Food Problems3
ANT 4321/ENV 4322Climate Anthropology3
ANT/ENV 4327Human Catastrophe and Cultural Response3
ANT/ENV 4350Development and Indigenous People3
ANT/ENV 4351Futuristics3
ANT 4362Applied Anthropology3
ANT 4373One Health: Connecting Global Health and Conservation Medicine3
BIO 3320Climate Change Biology3
ECO/SOC 3355Introduction to the Economics of Poverty and Discrimination3
ECO/AVS/ENV 4323The Environment and Economic Analysis3
ENV 1303Wildlife Ecology3
ENV 2307Ecology for a Changing World3
ENV 3314/BIO 3315Introduction to Environmental Health3
ENV 3100Environmental Health Seminar1
ENV 3103Seminar on Environmental Topics1
ENV/PSC 4307Environmental Law3
ENV 4313Agricultural Ecology3
ENV 4410Humans and Environmental Change4
GEO 1309Origins of Habitable Worlds3
GEO 4373/ENV 4374Global Soil Systems3
MH 4V98Advanced Topics in Medical Humanities (Racial Disparities in Healthcare) 13
PSC/ENV 3300The Environment and Political Processes3
PSC/ENV 4330Urban Political Processes3
SWO 4322Social Policy for Social Work Practice 13

Only course sections that include EHUM in the title are eligible to count for the minor.