International Studies: Regional Studies

Asia and Russia

Course Options
ANT 4310Societies and Cultures of East Asia3
AST 2380The Peoples and Culture of Asia3
AST 4350Seminar in Asian Studies3
AST 4388Contemporary Chinese Society and Culture3
AST 4V80Contemporary Issues in Asian Studies1-3
ECO 4335Asian Economic Development3
HIS/AST 3305Traditional China3
HIS 3307Japan3
HIS 3340Russia to 18613
HIS 3342Russia since 18613
HIS/AST 4305Modern China3
PSC 4325Asian International Relations3
PSC 4344Government and Politics of Russia3
PSC 4364The Governments and Politics of the Asia-Pacific Region3
PSC 4374Governments and Politics of East Asia3
PSC 4386Russia and the World3
PSC 4388Ukraine in Europe3
REL 4346Topics in Asian Religions3
RUS/FDM 3345Introduction to Russian Film: Culture and Identity3
SEES/HIS 2380Introduction to Slavic and East European Studies I3