History Subfield

U.S. History

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HIS 3300Methods of Oral and Public History3
HIS 3301Internship in History3
HIS 3360History of the American Presidency3
HIS 3362History of Religion in America3
HIS 3370Slavery in Film3
HIS 3371History of Black Americans3
HIS 3380History of Texas3
HIS 3383A Cultural History of Hunting in North America3
HIS 3384History of Indigenous Peoples of America3
HIS 4354Religion and War in U.S. History3
HIS 4362American Colonial History3
HIS 4363American Revolution and Constitution3
HIS 4365The Early Republic, 1789-18603
HIS 4366American Legal History to 18773
HIS 4368Civil War and Reconstruction3
HIS 4369Religion in America, 1877-Present3
HIS 4371United States, 1877-19203
HIS 4374United States since 19203
HIS 4375The American Civil Rights Movement3
HIS 4377History of the American Woman, 1600-18653
HIS 4378History of the American Woman Since 18653
HIS 4379The Cold War3
HIS 4380The American West3
HIS 4383History of the South3
HIS 4385The United States in the 1960s3
HIS 4386The City in American History3
HIS 4388American Environmental History3
HIS 4391The Vietnam War3
HIS 4392U.S. Foreign Relations since 19193
HIS 4393American Military History to 18903
HIS 4394American Military History since 18903
HIS 4395History of American Thought, 1630-18593
HIS 4396History of American Thought, 1859 to Present3
HIS 4398Reading Course in American History3