Environmental Humanities Distribution List

Foundational Environmental Humanities Class Options

ANT 1307The Evolution of Human Societies: An Interdisciplinary Perspective3
BIO 1303Human Ecology: Our Place in Nature3
ENG 1310Writing and Academic Inquiry Seminars 13
ENG 2310American Literary Cultures 13
ENG 2301British Literature 13
ENG 2306World Literature 13
ENV 1301
ENV 1101
Exploring Environmental Issues
and An Introduction to Environmental Analysis (Lab)
ENV 2376Environment and Society3
FYS 1399First Year Seminars (Child Migration in the Western Hemisphere)3
HIS 1300The United States in Global Perspective 13
GEO 1306The Earth Through Time3
GEO 1307Evolution and Extinction3
GEO 1401Earthquakes and Other Natural Disasters4
GEO 1402World Oceans4
PHI 1308Contemporary Moral Problems 13

Only course sections that include EHUM in the title are eligible to count for the minor.