History Subfield

Global History - African, Asian, Latin American, and Middle Eastern

Course Options:
HIS 2V89Introduction to Model Organization of American States1-3
HIS 3305Traditional China3
HIS 3306Women and Gender in Chinese History3
HIS 3307Japan3
HIS 3310The Middle East3
HIS 3311Middle East History 600 - 17983
HIS 3314Global Maritime History3
HIS 3315History of West Africa3
HIS 3318History of Modern Africa3
HIS 3319Women and Gender in Modern Africa3
HIS 3320History of Childhood3
HIS 3332Modern India3
HIS 3353Pre-Columbian and Colonial Latin America3
HIS 3355Modern Latin America3
HIS 4305Modern China3
HIS 4312Modern Middle East History3
HIS 4313War and Peace in the Middle East3
HIS 4316The African Diaspora3
HIS 4330Medieval Mediterranean World3
HIS 4350The History of Gender in Latin America3
HIS 4357Inter-American Relations3
HIS 4358Reading Course in Global History3
HIS 4V89Advanced Model Organization of American States1-3