History Subfield

European History

Course Options:
HIS 3308Hitler and the Holocaust3
HIS 3322Greek History and Civilization3
HIS 3324Roman History and Civilization3
HIS 3325The British Empire3
HIS 3333Festivals of Renaissance Europe3
HIS 3339Byzantine History and Civilization3
HIS 3340Russia to 18613
HIS 3342Russia since 18613
HIS 3343History of Ukraine3
HIS 3344History of Modern Germany3
HIS 4325The Vikings3
HIS 4326Early Medieval Europe, c. 300-10003
HIS 4327High Middle Ages, c. 1000-14503
HIS 4328Medieval Britain3
HIS 4329The Renaissance and Reformation3
HIS 4331European Expansion, 1400-18003
HIS 4332Early Modern Europe3
HIS 4333French Revolution and Napoleon3
HIS 4334A History of Women in Europe to 12003
HIS 4335A History of Women in Europe since 12003
HIS 4336Europe since World War I3
HIS 4337Europe from 1815 to 19143
HIS 4338Cultural and Intellectual History of Europe through the Seventeenth Century3
HIS 4339Cultural and Intellectual History of Modern Europe3
HIS 4341Tudor-Stuart Britain3
HIS 4343France since 18153
HIS 4345Britain in the Nineteenth Century3
HIS 4346Britain in the Twentieth Century3
HIS 4348Reading Course in European History3
HIS 4379The Cold War3