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Critical Reasoning & Problem Solving

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ANT 4305Anthropological Theory3
CLA 3301Roman History and Civilization3
CLA 3302Greek History and Civilization3
CLA 2306Greek and Roman Mythology3
CSI 1401Introduction to Programming I4
CSS 4394Rhetorical Theory3
ECO 4317The Economics of Regulation3
ECO 4319Game Theory3
ENG 3371History of Critical Theory3
ENG 4384Contemporary Critical Theory3
ENV 2376Environment and Society3
ENV 3300The Environment and Political Processes3
GTX 3343Great Texts in the Origins of Science3
GTX 4351Confession and Autobiography3
HIS 4338Cultural and Intellectual History of Europe through the Seventeenth Century3
HIS 4339Cultural and Intellectual History of Modern Europe3
LING 4302Semantics and Pragmatics3
PHI 4311Epistemology3
PHI 4342Contemporary American Philosophy3
PHI 4345Intermediate Logic3
PHI 4353Philosophy of Language3
PHI 4360Contemporary Ethical Theory3
PHI 4361Social Philosophy3
PSC 3363Classical Political Philosophy3
PSC 3373Western Political Thought: Modern3
PSC 4365International Political Economics3
PSC 4373Special Topics in Political Philosophy3
PSC 4395Terrorism3
REL 4395Bioethics3
SOC 4391Social Theory3