Anthropology Subfield

Cultural Anthropology

Course Options:
ANT 3301Science, Society, and Culture3
ANT 3310Introduction to Linguistics3
ANT 3320Environment and Human Behavior3
ANT 3340Indigenous Cultures of Modern Mexico and Central America3
ANT 3350Native North Americans3
ANT 3375Ethnographic Methods3
ANT 4305Anthropological Theory3
ANT 4306Economic Anthropology3
ANT 4310Societies and Cultures of East Asia3
ANT 4311World Food Problems3
ANT 4312Societies and Cultures of Africa3
ANT 4320Culture, Personality and Identity3
ANT 4321Climate Anthropology3
ANT 4325Medical Anthropology3
ANT 4327Human Catastrophe and Cultural Response3
ANT 4330Epidemiology3
ANT 4333Formal Decision Analysis & Health Policy3
ANT 4350Development and Indigenous People3
ANT 4351Futuristics3
ANT 4360Anthropology of Religion3
ANT 4361Ethnographic and Analytical Methods in Ethnomusicology3
ANT 4362Applied Anthropology3
ANT 4680Field School in Cultural Anthropology6
ANT 4V15Research Methods in Cultural Anthropology3-6