Legal Reasoning & Analysis Category

Background Knowledge & Exposure to Law

Course Options
BL 3305Legal Environment of Business3
BL 4303Employment Law3
BL 4310Cyberlaw3
BL 4320International Business Law3
BL 4325Legal Aspects of Financial and Commercial Transactions3
FORS 3340Expert Witness Testimony3
ECO 4318Law and Economics3
ENV 4307Environmental Law3
HIS 4363American Revolution and Constitution3
HIS 4375The American Civil Rights Movement3
JOU 4380Law and Ethics of Journalism3
PHI 2301Existentialism3
PHI 3318Philosophy and Constitutional Issues3
PHI 4318Philosophy of Law3
PSC 3353American Political Thought3
PSC 3321Criminal Law3
PSC 3339Law and Religion in the United States3
PSC 3372Law, Justice and the Community3
PSC 3392Washington Internship3
PSC 4305International Law3
PSC 4321Administrative Law3
PSC 4342Public Policy and the Courts3
PSC 4361American Constitutional Law3
PSC 4381American Constitutional Law3
PSC 4383Contemporary Political Thought3
PSC 4375International Organization3
PSY 3380Forensic Psychology3
SOC 3360Juvenile Delinquency3
SOC 4335Sociology of Law3
SOC 4352Criminology3