International Studies: Global Issues & Institutions

Political and Development Issues

Course Options
ANT 1306Cultural Anthropology in Global Context3
ANT 1310Cultural Geography3
ANT 1325Introduction to Global Health3
ANT 1404Introduction to Human Evolution4
ANT 3320Environment and Human Behavior3
ANT 3350Native North Americans3
ANT 4305Anthropological Theory3
ANT 4306Economic Anthropology3
ANT/SOC 4320Culture, Personality and Identity3
ANT 4321/ENV 4322Climate Anthropology3
ANT 4325Medical Anthropology3
ANT 4331Global Health Ethics3
ANT 4332Global Health Disparities3
ANT 4334Child and Family Health in Global Perspective3
ANT 4336Global Health Policy3
ANT/ENV 4362Applied Anthropology3
ANT 4350Development and Indigenous People3
ANT 4373One Health: Connecting Global Health and Conservation Medicine3
BIC 4374World Cultures V: Differing Visions and Realities3
BL 4320International Business Law3
CFS 4356The Family: A Global Perspective3
ENV 4310/ANT 4311World Food Problems3
GEOG 1300World Geography3
JOU 3387International Communication3
PPS 4310Philanthropy, Civil Society, & the Public Good3
PSC 3301Research Writing: Political Science Methods3
PSC 3314Politics and Problems of Developing Countries3
PSC 3320Minority and Ethnic Group Politics3
PSC 3324World Political Systems3
PSC 3325Ethnopolitical Conflicts3
PSC 3355The Causes of War3
PSC 3365Politics, Games, and Strategy3
PSC 3375Model United Nations3
PSC 4303International Human Rights3
PSC 4305International Law3
PSC 4315Political Geography3
PSC 4346Intelligence and Covert Action3
PSC 4355Power, Morality, and International Relations3
PSC 4365International Political Economics3
PSC 4375International Organization3
PSC 4384Principles of Political Development3
PSC 4385Diplomacy in Theory and Practice3
PSC 4395Terrorism3
PSC 4397Dictatorship, Democracy and Regime Change3
PUBH 4340Global Health3
SWO 4317Human Trafficking3