Certificate in Asian Studies

Requirements for a Certificate in Asian Studies

Twelve semester hours including the following:
Required Courses
Asian Studies Core
Six semester hours from the following:6
Geography of East Asia
Special Studies and Projects
Societies and Cultures of East Asia
Asian International Relations
Asian Economic Development
Economic Systems of the World
East Asian Philosophy
Seminar in Asian Studies
The Governments and Politics of the Asia-Pacific Region
Governments and Politics of East Asia
Contemporary Chinese Society and Culture
Contemporary Issues in Asian Studies
Asian History, Languages, and Cultures
Six semester hours from the following:6
The Peoples and Culture of Asia
Traditional China
Modern Japan
Politics and Problems of Developing Countries
Modern China
East Asian Views of Art
Asian Literature in Translation
Chinese for Business I
Chinese for Business II
Chinese Literature and Culture I
Chinese Literature and Culture II
Selected Works from Contemporary Chinese Literature
Chinese Cinema, Literature, and Culture
Introduction to East Asian History
Women and Gender in Chinese History
Japanese Cinema
Japanese Theatre and Culture
Total Hours12