Instrumental Music [Keyboard] (BMED)

General Studies, Music Core, and Major Area (Instrumental) 88-91 credit hours

Requirements for a Major in Instrumental Music - Keyboard Concentration (BMED)
Forty-four semester hours including the following:
Pedagogy Area
MUS 1117Violin (for string majors)1
MUS 1118Viola (for string majors)1
MUS 1120Cello (for string majors)1
MUS 1121Double-Bass (for string majors)1
MUS 1216Band Techniques for String Majors2
MUS 2260Elementary Conducting (Music Education Elementary)2
MUS 3260Instrumental Conducting2
MUS 3212String Methods (For String Majors)2
MUS 3136Instrumental Methods I1
MUS 3236Instrumental Methods II2
Concentration Area
MUEN 11** Large Ensemble (7 semester mininum)7
MUEN 1130Chamber Music (Strings) (4 semesters mininum)4
MUS 11S* Secondary Applied (String Proficiency)4
MUS 12K1 / MUS 32K1 Applied Music14
MUS 40K1 BME Recital0
Total Hours:44