Computer Science Minor

Requirements for a Minor in Computer Science

Required Courses
Twenty-three semester hours in computer science including the following:
CSI 1430Introduction to Computer Science I with Laboratory4
CSI 1440Introduction to Computer Science II with Laboratory4
CSI 2350Discrete Structures3
CSI 3334Data Structures3
CSI 3344Introduction to Algorithms3
Six semester hours from the following “3000” - “4000” level computer science electives6
Numerical Methods
Database Design and Applications
Systems Programming
Computer Organization
Principles of Software Design
Software Engineering II
Software Quality Assurance and Testing
Software Project Management
Software Engineering I
Cybersecurity Laboratory
Competitive Learning
Data Communications
Numerical Analysis
Introduction to Cybersecurity
Advanced Cybersecurity
Numerical Linear Algebra
Foundations of Computing
Introduction to Operating Systems
Introduction to Data Mining
A grade of “C” or better in all computer science courses used for the minor.
Total Hours23