Chinese Language and Culture (BA)

Requirements for a Major in Chinese Language and Culture

Thirty semester required hours include the following courses:
Chinese Language Core Courses12
Select four courses above the 2310 level.
Intermediate Chinese for Communication
Chinese Conversation, Composition, and Readings I
Chinese Conversation, Composition, and Readings II
Chinese for Business I
Chinese for Business II
Chinese Language and Culture through Films
Special Problems
Chinese Literature/Culture Core Courses
CHI 4301Chinese Literature and Culture I 3
CHI 4302Chinese Literature and Culture II3
CHI 4305Selected Works from Contemporary Chinese Literature3
CHI 4306Chinese Cinema, Literature, and Culture3
Contemporary Chinese Society and Culture
Traditional China
Modern China
East Asian Views of Art
OR select course outside of the Department of Languages and Cultures with approval of advisor.
Research (Advanced Seminar in Chinese Language, Culture, or Literature)3
This course will satisfy the concentration writing requirement and the concentration computing requirement. This capstone course guides students in conducting in-depth studies on issues in Chinese language, culture, or literature, and it requires students to complete an independent research project.
Total Hours30