Christianity in the Arts Minor

Requirements for a Minor in Christianity and the Arts

Eighteen semester hours including the following:
Required Courses6
Select two courses from the following:
The Oxford Christians
Worship in the Church
The Song of the Church
Christianity and the Arts
Religion and Literature
The Theatre and Christianity
Restricted Electives12
Select four additional courses:
Introduction to Art (for non-art majors only)
Drawing I
Hand-Built Ceramics (for non-art majors only)
Wheel-Thrown Ceramics (for non-art majors only)
Fiber Surface Design
Discourse with the Divine: Contemporary American Spiritual Poetry
American Literary Cultures
Literature and the Environment
Old English Language
Victorian Poetry
Great Authors: James Baldwin
Literature and the Environment
The Bible as Literature
Religion and Film
Master Works in Art
Master Works in Drama
Great Texts in the Principles of the Liberal Arts
Confession and Autobiography
Internship in the Liberal Arts
Special Topics (Gospel Music in Global Perspective)
Philosophy in Literature
Philosophy and the Arts
Philosophy in Literature
Social Policy for Social Work Practice
History of Costume
History of Decor in the Western World
Any course from required list not already used (ENG 3372, MUS 4373, MUS 4374, REL 3354, ENG 3370/REL 3370, THEA 4377)
Total Hours18