Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health Science/Master of Public Health

BS in Environmental Health Science

Requirements for a Major in Environmental Health Science

Thirty-seven semester hours including the following:
Required Courses
ENV 3100Environmental Health Seminar1
ENV 3314Introduction to Environmental Health3
ENV 3316Introduction to Air Quality3
ENV 3387
ENV 3187
Environmental Chemistry
and Environmental Chemistry Laboratory
ENV 3370Managing Environmental Health and Safety3
ENV 4325Human Health Risk Assessment3
ENV 4344Fundamentals of Toxicology3
ENV 4345Water Management3
ENV 4307Environmental Law3
or ENV 3300 The Environment and Political Processes
ENV 4V93Internship in Environmental Planning or Management3
Select eight semester hours of additional ENV courses from the following:8
Ecology for a Changing World
Field Techniques for Environmental Science
Environmental Law
World Food Problems
Heavy Metals & Global Public Health
Human Catastrophe and Cultural Response
Sustainability and Natural Resource Management
Fundamentals of Ecotoxicology
and Fundamentals of Ecotoxicology Laboratory
Global Soil Systems
Restoration Ecology
Tropical Environments: Ecology and Sustainable Management
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
Research (3 hours)
Additional Requirements
No more than four hours of variable hour courses may be applied to the major
A minimum GPA of 2.0 in the first fifteen hours of ENV courses that are counted to complete requirements in the major is required. Students who do not have the required minimum GPA in ENV courses after completion of the first fifteen hours will be placed on probation for one semester in the major.
A grade of “C-” or better in each ENV course used in the major and a minimum overall GPA of 2.0 or higher on ENV courses taken within the major.
Required Courses in Other Fields
CHE 1301
CHE 1101
Basic Principles of Modern Chemistry I
and General Chemistry Laboratory I
CHE 1302
CHE 1102
Basic Principles of Modern Chemistry II
and General Chemistry Laboratory II
CHE 3331Organic Chemistry I3
MTH 1321Calculus I3
STA 2381Introductory Statistical Methods3
BIO 1305
BIO 1105
Modern Concepts of Bioscience
and Modern Concepts of Bioscience Laboratory
BIO 1306
BIO 1106
Modern Concepts of Bioscience, continued
and Modern Concepts of Bioscience Laboratory
BIO 2306
BIO 2106
and Genetics Laboratory
BIO 3322
BIO 3122
Human Physiology
and Human Physiology Lab
PHY 1408General Physics for Natural and Behavioral Sciences I4
or PHY 1420 General Physics I
ENV 2376Environment and Society3
or REL 4393 Environmental Ethics
or REL 4395 Bioethics
PUBH 2331Health Concepts and Competencies3
PUBH 3351Epidemiology/Vital Statistics3
NUTR 1401Introduction to Food Science4
Select one of the following sequences:4
Introductory Microbiology
and Introductory Microbiology Laboratory
General Microbiology
and General Microbiology Lab
Total Hours91

Master of Arts in Public Health