• Regular: Student is fully admitted to a graduate degree program.
  • Post Baccalaureate: Any student wishing to register for graduate classes before being formally admitted to the Graduate School will need to register as a post baccalaureate student through the undergraduate Admissions Office. Only six hours of graduate level work may be taken by a post baccalaureate student. After the student has been admitted to the Graduate School, he/she may then petition to transfer the six hours of graduate level work taken as a post baccalaureate student into their graduate program. This applies to 4000-level courses carrying graduate credit as well as 5000-level or 6000-level courses. A 4000-level course requires a statement from the instructor stating the student completed the extra requirements to receive graduate credit for the course.
  • Transfer of Credit: Any student in Good Standing in a graduate program at another university wishing to take a graduate-level course at Baylor and transfer the credits to their home university. Students must present a Letter of Good Standing from their home institution prior to each semester of registration at Baylor.


  1. Registration information is located at
  2. Students who do not pre-register should check with their department for registration information prior to the first day of classes.
  3. All students are expected to register for a minimum of one semester hour of graduate-level coursework in each semester. This practice is institutionally referred to as “continuous registration.”
  4. All students should refer to the official University and Graduate School Calendars for dates set for the semester of graduation. Dissertation and thesis students should be especially mindful of final deadlines for submission and completion of degree requirements. Dissertation and thesis services are available from the first day of classes through the last day of classes during each semester.

It is the graduate student’s responsibility to honor all conditions and procedures associated with timely registration. Advisement should be limited to the appropriate graduate program director and authorized faculty. Advisement is expected to be consistent with policies and procedures as stated in the Graduate Catalog.