International Studies: Regional Studies

Middle East and Africa

Course Options
ANT 4312Societies and Cultures of Africa3
ANT 4341Archaeology of the Mediterranean3
ANT 4344African Archaeology3
HIS 3310The Middle East3
HIS 3311Middle East History 600 - 17983
HIS 3315History of West Africa3
HIS 3318History of Modern Africa3
HIS 3319Women and Gender in Modern Africa3
HIS 4312Modern Middle East History3
HIS 4313War and Peace in the Middle East3
HIS 4316The African Diaspora3
MES 2301Introduction to the Middle East3
MES 4378Religion & Politics in the Middle East3
MES 4V01Readings in Mid-East Studies1-3
PSC 4334Governments and Politics of the Middle East3
REL 4343Topics in Islam3