International Studies: Regional Studies

Europe and the United States

Course Options
AS 4301National Security3
AS 4302Preparation for Commissioning3
ANT 3301Science, Society, and Culture3
CSS 4353/PSC 4335Public Discourse and Foreign Policy3
FRE 3315Panorama of French Theatre3
FRE 3328Around the Francophone World in 45 Days3
FRE 3337French Civilization3
FRE 3338Contemporary France3
GER 3341Introduction to German Culture: Germany in the Making3
GER 3345Introduction to German Film: German Culture from Berlin to Hollywood3
HIS 2V89Introduction to Model Organization of American States1-3
HIS 3308Hitler and the Holocaust3
HIS 3344History of Modern Germany3
HIS 4328Medieval Britain3
HIS 4329The Renaissance and Reformation3
HIS 4330Medieval Mediterranean World3
HIS 4331European Expansion, 1400-18003
HIS 4332Early Modern Europe3
HIS 4333French Revolution and Napoleon3
HIS 4335A History of Women in Europe since 12003
HIS 4336Europe since World War I3
HIS 4337Europe from 1815 to 19143
HIS 4339Cultural and Intellectual History of Modern Europe3
HIS 4343France since 18153
HIS/SEES 4379The Cold War3
HIS 4392U.S. Foreign Relations since 19193
HIS 4393American Military History to 18903
HIS 4394American Military History since 18903
ITA 3330Italian Through Film3
ITA 3337Italian Civilization3
PPS 3301Public Policy Innovation and the Common Good3
PSC 3335Contemporary American Foreign Policy: An Examination of Regions and Issues3
PSC 3345Making American Foreign Policy3
PSC 3382Public Service Internship3
PSC 3392Washington Internship3
PSC 3692Baylor in Washington Semester Internship6
PSC 4316Grand Strategy3
PSC 4324British Government and Politics3
PSC 4335Public Discourse and Foreign Policy3
PSC 4354Governments and Politics of Western Europe3
PSC 4396International Studies Senior Seminar3
PSC 4V89Advanced Model Organization of American States1-3
SPA 3310Spanish Culture and Civilization3