Statistics (Ph.D.)


Ph.D. students must complete seventy-five semester hours. Requirements include a statistics core of twenty-seven semester hours, consulting-teaching practicum of three semester hours, elective courses of thirty-six semester hours, and nine semester hours of dissertation work. A successful dissertation defense is also required in order to earn this degree. Other requirements are computer proficiency and a preliminary examination. A foreign language is not required.


Statistics Core
STA 5353Theory of Statistics II3
STA 5380Methods in Statistics I3
STA 5381Methods in Statistics II3
STA 6375Computational Statistics I3
STA 5383Introduction to Multivariate Analysis3
STA 5362Time Series Analysis3
STA 6382Theory of Linear Models3
STA 6352Bayesian Theory3
STA 6351Large Sample Theory3
Practicum Courses
STA 5V85Practice in Statistics3
STA 6V99Dissertation1-6
Electives Courses
The elective courses are selected from approved STA courses or from approved courses in MTH, CSI, ECO, QBA, ISY, BIO, or PSY. 136
Total Hours67-72

Note that STA 5V85 Practice in Statistics does not count as an elective course.