Chemistry and Biochemistry, M.S. (Non-Thesis)

Master of Science (Non-Thesis)

The minimum semester-hour requirement for the M.S. non-thesis degree is thirty semester hours.

Lecture Courses
Lecture course work in the major area9
Additional lecture course work outside the major area6
Chemistry Courses
CHE 5260Scientific Communication2
CHE 5101Responsible Conduct of Research1
CHE 5050Chemistry Colloquium (Register every Fall/Spring semester)0
Additional Requirements
Additional lecture and/or research course work 111
Pre-candidacy Seminar
CHE 5150Graduate Seminar1
Total Hours30

i.e. CHE 5V98 Graduate Research

Note: Students are not directly admitted into the non-thesis M.S. programThe maximum time limit for the completion of the M.S. degree is five years.  A typical time frame for completion of M.S. is 2-3 years.