Asian Studies

The Asian Studies program provides opportunities for study and research of the diverse societies that inhabit the Asian continent, from the Ural Mountains to Southeast Asia. The program takes as its geographical focus the regions of Eurasia and the Asia-Pacific. Interdisciplinary in approach, the program spans the fields of economics, foreign languages, history, political science, sociology, and religion, and is dedicated to providing opportunities for foreign study and field experiences.

While no graduate degree is offered in Asian Studies, the following courses are approved for graduate credit in other programs.

AST/HIS 4305Modern China3
AST/ANT 4310Societies and Cultures of East Asia3
AST/PSC 4325Asian International Relations3
AST/PHI 4340East Asian Philosophy3
AST 4350Seminar in Asian Studies3
AST/MUS 4362Traditional Music and Culture in Asia3
AST/PSC 4364The Governments and Politics of the Asia-Pacific Region3
AST/PSC 4374Governments and Politics of East Asia3
AST 4376Asian Literature in Translation3
AST 4V80Contemporary Issues in Asian Studies1-3